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Dear UXcampers!

New mailing list – don’t get left behind!

freddie_mailchimpOur Mixxt site has served us well in recent years, but we decided to cut the cord, this year.

To stay up-to-date please subscribe to our new mailing list.

For additional information please follow us on Twitter and join the official UXcamp Europe group on Facebook.

We have the official dates for this year!

UXcamp Europe 2014 will take place on Saturday, June 7th and Sunday, June 8th — and, of course, that means the pre-party is on Friday, June 6th. The Organization Team is already busy making arrangements and will ensure that there’s a location, a few blackboards, some projectors and some snacks — but, in the Barcamp spirit, the rest will truly be up to you. If there is something that excites you about UX, IA, IxD, HCI, SD and related activities (with or without acronyms), we strongly encourage you to share it with us all in a session on Saturday or Sunday. UXcamp Europe is all about getting to know and learning from each other!


We will release the tickets on Sunday, April 13th at 11:00am Berlin time.

Please note:

  • As you may already know, tickets tend to go very, very fast.
  • As usual, this year we’ll be splitting tickets 50:50 between those living in Germany and those visiting us from elsewhere.
  • Tickets/registration will ONLY be available through Eventbrite (i.e., joining a group or signing up anywhere else does not get you a spot for the event)!
  • The ticket is not transferable and is for personal use only.

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Call for Sponsors

uxcamp-europe-sponsorsUXcamp Europe would not be possible without our sponsors. We’d especially like to thank our first sponsors for this year: Deutsche Telekom, Büro am Draht and Kühlhaus — all of whom sponsored UXCamp, last year, as well. If you want to raise your organization’s profile in the UX community or let the world know that you’re hiring: UXcamp Europe is the place to do it. We have a limited number of sponsorship slots available at different levels and they tend to fill up quickly.
If you’d like to sponsor the camp, please drop us a line.

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Helping hands wanted!

esz-hall-from-topYour friendly neighborhood Organization Team can always use some extra help making things run smoothly during the camp. We need volunteers for one or two two-hour shifts in the cloakroom, at the coffee and juice stations, and at the registration desk. In addition to mega-good-karma, if you volunteer, we’ll put your name on the guest list so your place (and T-shirt!) is secured without the worry of the ticket rush.

Please drop us a line if you’re interested in helping us out this way.

New (and of course improved) Website

Our Mixxt site has served us well in recent years, but we decided we could do better, so here’s the new website. You can find the old website / Mixxt community here:

We hope that you’re as excited for UXCamp as we are – stay tuned!

The Orga Team Ludwig, Henning, Luzi, Thomas, Stefan, Clive & Tom