Some notes on a busy day


The tickets went in record time — at 11:02 AM, all the slots were filled and the waiting lists were filling fast. The Website had some problems with the rush and we will continue to work on improving that experience where we can for next year!


Eventbrite: UXcamp Europe 2014 ticket page


There was some confusion on one point regarding the apparent “necessity” of sponsorships (mandatory field): evidently the Eventbrite process seemed to imply that your company was OBLIGATED to sponsor UXcamp in order for you to attend. This is absolutely not the case!

We apologize for any problems this miscommunication may have caused you.


On the other hand, what should have been communicated is that of course we are very interested in sponsors! If you or your organization would be interested in sponsoring UXcamp Europe 2014, please let us know!


For those of you who were unable to get a ticket, but are on the waitlist: Keep checking your inbox (and spam folder) in the next weeks – there is usually some movement there. Important: The time you have to respond to the ticket release message is limited (currently 3 days).