Sessions Archive 2016

The session titles of UXcamp Europe 2016

Sessions day 01

  1. Kick-Ass presentations
  2. Statistics 101
  3. Webdevelopers, UI on layers
  4. Struggling with research methodology
  5. Design critiques
  6. Creating empathy with role play part I
  7. Knowledge sharing discussion
  8. Workshop: Adobe XD
  9. Maximum scalable projects
  10. Get junior UX people
  11. Innovative UX research methods
  12. How to sell the carrots (conversion)
  13. Rhythm is a dancer
  14. Prototyping design workflow (Marie & Susi)
  15. Version control for designers (Andree)
  16. Creating empathy with role play part II
  17. Wallet – Mobile apps w/o programing
  18. Making things memorable (e.g the Banana)
  19. Awesome onboarding
  20. Flowcharts + Personas (and a love story)
  21. Doing better IxD or Vx specs
  22. Lettering
  23. What does it mean think like a designer
  24. Visual analytics
  25. Connecting with openness and curiousity
  26. Designing for devs
  27. Workshop: Adobe XD
  28. Workshop: Design without talking to users (Martina Mitz)
  29. Hacking of the bitcoin ATM
  30. How to get into people’s minds
  31. Product Discovery & Dual track agile UX
  32. Let’s dive into Framer (Prototyping)
  33. Minimalism and gestures on mobile
  34. Disrupt or die
  35. Accessibility rocks
  36. How we deal with information everywhere
  37. Small usability for startups
  38. Empathy and miror neurons
  40. Chair yoga for desk jockies
  41. Design for evil
  42. Ab testing the donation form at
  43. Workshop: Pidoco – Prototyping On The Go
  44. Design of the future + the musical
  45. User Centred design of interactive information visualisation
  46. Graphic design and UI efficiency
  47. Exhibition degital design “Behind the pixels”
  48. Using crowdsourcing in research and design – Two case studies
  49. UXWell – University designed from scratch

Sessions day 02

  1. Improving mobile UX (your smartphone knows you)
  2. An introduction to Antetype part I
  3. Pair design
  4. Process should serve creativity!
  5. UCD process for a diabetes game
  6. Everything story
  7. Top 10 Usability obstacles
  8. Collaboration – what if you’ve got offices in differents countries
  9. Prototyping workflow for startups
  10. Workshop: Adobe XD
  11. Designing for a better citizen experience (UK.GOV)
  12. An introduction to Antetype part II
  13. Google Design sprint
  14. Remote user research sequential approach
  15. UX research approach in big healthcare process and big company
  16. Living design systems
  17. Consumer decision journey – making the user king again
  18. Meta UX – the use cases for prototyping software
  19. Is there a life after scrum
  20. Yoga UX
  21. Storyboarding with scenes
  22. UX leadership
  23. (U)X marks the spot
  24. How hitchhiking affected my professional life
  25. Let’s cook (lean) innovation
  26. Researching with over 65s
  27. Connecting and creating with curiosity part I
  28. UX principles in rhetoric
  29. Chat roulette for user research
  30. Workshop: Adobe XD
  31. How to enable the UX gene in your company + UX @ Big Companies
  32. How to apply playfulness to a non-playful context
  33. Progressive enhancement rocks
  34. Holger Eggert: Designing Voice Interfaces
  35. Augmented assisted living – future vision for the elderly
  36. Unicorn in a cage
  37. Connecting and creating with curiosity part II
  38. Good icons/ bad icons (usability of icons)
  39. Getting the best out of threesomes: user-customer – ux agency
  40. Eine kleine Nacht/Musik — Eric Reiss
  41. Thinking beyond the screen
  42. Talk human – stop being a hypocrite and start speaking user’s language (Martina Mitz)
  43. Search pattern & hybrid search
  44. Building UX culture in the workplace
  45. Not another sketching workshop
  46. UX convert
  47. Little ideation workshop – visualization of WLAN data

We also have scans of all session cards, downloadable as PDF files.