Sessions of UXcamp Europe 2016

That was quite an amazing weekend! We always say that the team only provides the infrastructure, the actual conference is made by our participants. For the 2016 edition of UXcamp Europe, our participants contributed 96 sessions in 10 parallel tracks (49 on Saturday and another 47 on Sunday).

In case you want to get in touch with a session holder or to check what you’ve missed, we scanned the cards from the session grid:

We also have a plain text version.

And for those folks who like to see things in context: Here are the photos of the session grids, taken right after the planning sessions in the morning (the images are linked with full-resolution photos, although not high-quality ones).


Grid Saturday, Ground Floor (tap/click for higher resolution)

Grid Saturday, Upstairs (tap/click for higher resolution)


Please note: After the photos were taken, two sessions were added to the room “Publicis Pixelpark” (#48) and “kuehlhaus” (#114), both at 14:00.

Grid Sunday, Ground Floor (tap/click for higher resolution)

Grid Sunday, Upstairs (tap/click for higher resolution)

Thanks to all session holders, all attendees, and to our sponsors!