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Your local planning team

We don’t want to blow our own trumpet but planning this thing really is a lot of work, especially as all of us do it as volunteers in our free time after office hours.

Please also keep in mind that UX Camp Europe is still a BarCamp at heart and not a commercial conference, so on the day all the participants are responsible for turning it into yet another fantastic event.


Tom Allison
UX Designer & Product Strategist


Clive K. Lavery
Freelance UX Person & Full Stack Human


Debbie Blume
Senior UX Designer


Marie Combes
UI / UX Designer

Ludwig Gatzke

Ludwig Gatzke
Senior UX Designer & Consultant


Stefan Freimark
Lead UX Consultant


Dhyana Scarano
UX & Service Designer


Invaluable friends of UX Camp Europe

Special thanks go out to Thomas for helping us with the new website and to our alumni the other Thomas , Volker , Silke and Silvan.

Love & kudos to our wonderful sponsors

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