Tickets for UXCamp Europe 2015

Edit 29.03.2015


Save the date: tickets for this year’s event will be available on…
Sunday, 29th March at 11:00 am Berlin time (CEST)

London (UK) – 10:00 BST
Paris (France) – 11:00 CEST
Helsinki (Finland)- 12:00 EEST
Brussels (Belgium) – 11:00 CEST
Athens (Greece) – 12:00 EEST
Saint-Petersburg (Russia) – 12:00 MSK
Dallas (U.S.A. – Texas) – 04:00 CDT

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As you may know, ticket supply usually lasts for about two minutes. If you want to attend UXcamp Europe, make sure you’ve got Internet access on the day! Tickets will be handled via Eventbrite again.

Make sure to get the right tickets

As usual, UXcamp Europe is an international event. Only about half of the 500 tickets are meant for people from Germany. Please be aware that there will be two types of tickets: One for attendees from Germany and one for international guests, depending on your place of residence (NOT your nationality).


• You are German, currently living in Cologne. Pick the German ticket.
• You are German, currently living in Warsaw. Pick the International ticket.
• You are British, currently living in London. Pick the International ticket.
• You are British, currently living in Berlin. Pick the German ticket.

Be fair and pick the correct list. Since the international tickets will only last for two minutes as well, there’s no point in cheating anyway – that trick might have worked in 2010. We’ll also do a few spot checks to ensure the tickets are allocated as fairly as possible.

UXcamp Europe 2015 – German tickets
UXcamp Europe 2015 – International tickets

Volunteer tickets still available

We still have a limited amount of volunteer tickets: If you volunteer for a two-hour shift in the cloakroom, at the coffee/juice station or at the registration desk, we make sure your name is on the guest list (thus, no need to participate in that nerve-wracking ticket rush). Since every station is manned by two volunteers, you might even make new friends.

If you’d like to support UXcamp Europe as a volunteer, drop us a line (please provide us with your name, an e-mail address you check regularly, as well as your mobile phone number for on-site coordination).

Note: All volunteer tickets will only be available until the ticket registration starts are gone.

Want to upgrade your career?

…then check out our sponsors! This event is only possible thanks to them: They support us with locations, with snacks and drinks for those legendary parties, as well as everything else our attendees need during the camp like freshly brewed coffee in the morning and appropriate clothing for the hot Berlin summer (and hot session rooms).

Our sponsors are some fine companies always looking for friendly and talented UX pros. Learn more about our biggest sponsors below, and approach them during the camp!

10 Reasons to work with USEEDS°

Reason #1 You are curious

USEEDS° is driven by curiosity. For us, our 524 UX projects so far have been 524 iterations to optimize our set of User Experience methods and processes. This is a prerequisite for keeping pace with the rapidly changing IT and eBusiness world.

Visit us for more reasons!
We are delighted to support the great UX Camp Team this year!

See you in June!
The USEEDS° team


About Publicis Pixelpark

Publicis Pixelpark belongs to the Pixelpark corporation and can be found in Barcelona, Berlin, Bielefeld, Erlangen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich.

It is there that creative and profitable communication and E-business solutions are developed. More than 840 communication- and digital experts across various sectors take pride in working for well-known national and international names.


About sipgate

sipgate is a telephone company based in Düsseldorf. Over the last few years, we’ve implemented an agile approach to product development.

We do everything in-house: UX, software engineering, customer support, etc. We love working in interdisciplinary teams, organizing great events and partying together in our very own restaurant. Sounds like something you might love too, right? Apply now.


Final advice

If this is your first UXcamp Europe or even your first time to Berlin, you might wonder how to travel to the conference, where to stay and whether you’ve got time to tour Berlin. We distilled some travel advice for you.

Also, you might want to follow us on Twitter for last minute information.

We hope that you’re all as excited for UXcamp as we are – stay tuned!

The UXcamp Europe Team
Ludwig, Henning, Luzi, Thomas, Stefan, Clive & Tom