UX Connections Berlin – Prague

We (Jiri and Martin) are, on behalf of the Czech UX Association, planning to arrange few excursions and meetups with Berlin based UX oriented teams. We know Silicon Alee is one of the best places in Europe for this.

There is a big community of interaction designers, information architects, interface designers and user researchers in the Czech Republic who are visiting the UXcamp Europe in Berlin every year. This year, however, we would like to gain more from this event by organizing excursions and meetups between Czech and Berlin based UX designers and user researchers. We would like to share our expertise, workflows, methods as well as exchange experiences and opinions about UX design in general. Both the excursions and meetups should be arranged in an informal format.

UXcamp Europe 2014 will take place in Berlin on the weekend 7th—8th June 2014. We are planning to arrange the excursions and meetups in the week before the UXcamp, namely from 3rd to 6th June.


The aim of the excursions is to visit design labs, research studios and similar departments of various companies. We wish to actively communicate with the team members of UX teams and perhaps arrange some interactive sessions together. We do not expect to watch team members behind their computers and whiteboards, quite the opposite. We would like to talk to people, get inspired and share our knowledge and experience. We envision to form a group of 5-15 people, according to your requirements and facilities that would visit your company.


The goal of the meetups is to briefly introduce invited guests (the list to be updated closer to the date of the UXcamp Europe), network and/or organize a moderated discussion. We are also planning to prepare a brief overview on the current situation of the UX industry in the Czech Republic. Depending on the number of participating designers and user researchers, the meetups will vary by size of an organization. In all cases, the meetups will be informal to invite people to actively network and share experiences.


We would like to ask you to participate in our organization by either hosting a meetup, join an existing one or let us visit you at your company. Please, contact us if you are interested: