UXcamp Europe 2016 – a weekend full of UX awesomeness in Berlin

The summer of UX kicks in this year when 500+ user experience (UX) experts and enthusiasts from all over Europe and the world gather at Erwin Schrödinger-Zentrum (part of the Humboldt University Berlin) once again for the 8th edition of UXcamp Europe.

This unique barcamp is voluntarily organized by 10 UX people from Berlin in the typical BarCamp or “un-conference” manner: i.e. at the core of the camp there are the 45-minute sessions held by the participants themselves. No call for papers or highly paid speakers beforehand – everybody is encouraged to hold a session.

Sessions can be talks, workshops or open discussions, which are pitched to the audience on the day of the camp. True to the motto “There are no spectators, only active participants“, everyone will be part of the camp and contribute to its success while the whole event is financed by sponsors which over the years included big digital agency names and tech companies such as Google and Adobe.

But the camp isn’t only about the sessions, it’s also very much about the informal chatter during coffee breaks or conversations at the Friday and Saturday night parties. 

And its guaranteed to be stimulating stuff since over half of the participants are from other European countries or all over the world and from various professional backgrounds such as UX and UI Design, Development, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Service Design, User Research, Content Strategy, Usability and other related fields.

Seasoned UX professionals that you would usually pay big money to hear speak at a conference exchange with juniors or students who are just finding their way in the User Experience jungle. This is the spirit of UXcamp Europe and over the years many professional networks or personal friendships have formed over the weekend – many people actually refer to our barcamp as an annual family re-union.

In addition to the sessions there will also be a dedicated workshop room, where there are hands on introductions to various UX tools. One of the workshops will be held by Adobe, one of the main sponsors, and will deal with their new tool Adobe XD which will be scrutinized by a bunch of eager and critical UX professionals.

In short Uxcamp Europe will be another weekend full of UX awesomeness, great encounters and inspiring conversations. There might also be a drone involved… Keep your eyes open!


UXcamp Europe was the first of its kind in Europe and remains one of the biggest UX events worldwide. Every year tickets are gone within a few minutes. So if you didn’t get one this year, you can still get an impression of the camp at Twitter (@UxCampEurope), Instagram (@uxcampeurope) and Snapchat (uxcampeurope).

Target group: designers (UX, UI, Visual, Product, Interaction etc.), developers, start-ups, companies, innovation & marketing experts and everyone else interested in UX
Participants: 550-600
Place: Erwin Schrödinger-Zentrum / Humboldt University of Berlin, Rudower Chaussee 26, 12489 Berlin
Date: 25. – 26. June 2016
Website: http://www.uxcampeurope.org/
Contact: media@uxcampeurope.org