UXcamp Europe: There’s an app for that

Crowding around the session board to check what’s up next can be a nice way to strike up a conversation – but sometimes you could really use the information at your fingertips. With the help of the great folks at Futurice, now we’ve got you covered! Starting this year, you can check the upcoming sessions, look up the venue map, or get directions to the parties from anywhere (as long as you have your smartphone with you, that is ;)).

App features:

  • Session grid (to be filled during the event on both June 20th and June 21st 2015)
  • Information for every session (title, session number, time, location)
  • Ability to mark sessions as favourite to spot them easily in the session grid
  • Venue map
  • Some info screens with basic information about the camp, e.g. how to get to the parties (and the venue, of course)
  • Information about the team behind the camp and the app
  • Works offline

You can get the UXcamp Europe App in the Apple App Store for your iPhone or in the Google Play Store for your Android phone (for free, of course). Below you’ll find some screenshots from the iOS version for a first impression.

We hope that the app provides you with an even better UXcamp experience!

A big thank you to the team members from Futurice:

  • Dhyana “Dee” Scarano
  • Lucia Payo
  • Christoph Müller
  • Erik Jälevik
  • Harri Lehtola
  • Ivan Đikić
  • Martin Richter
  • Michael Tauer

Also thanks to our friends at Service Experience Camp, who in 2014 co-created the app with Futurice we’ve now built upon.

PS: The source of the iOS skeleton version that anyone can use and contribute to (to make the same kind of app for themselves) is available in GitHub: github.com/futurice/festapp-ios

Main screen:
iOS Simulator Screen Shot 02 Jun 2015 10.18.07

Session grid:
iOS Simulator Screen Shot 02 Jun 2015 10.18.10

Session detail page:
iOS Simulator Screen Shot 02 Jun 2015 10.18.14