You are the host, treat your guests well

UXcamp Europe is a conference open to everyone with in interest in UserExperience Design. Year on year, we are joined by many different people from many different countries and with a variety of backgrounds resulting in a broad range of different manners.

We are proud to host such an international event. This is only possible with an open mind, based on tolerance for everyone and the willingness to accept other people for what they are – humans just like yourself.

The conference itself follows the barcamp format and that means: No spectators, only participants. You could even say, everyone is a host. If you are holding a session, you are effectively the host of that session. If you start a conversation in one of the breaks, over dinner or a drink, you are the host of that conversation and are inviting others to join.

Over the last years, we as the organizing team witnessed that every UXcamp attendee followed the unwritten rule of hospitality: treat your guests respectfully.

We, before everything else, believe in good intentions from everyone and encourage to solve any misunderstanding by an open, direct and respectful dialog.

Your behaviour sets an example to other and if you notice anything out of order, don’t hesitate to point it out.

Let’s keep this spirit alive and have a fantastic weekend together.

But, if anything should happen, please contact any member of the team immediately.
In case you can’t find a team member or want to contact us via email or phone directly, we are always there for you:

Henning Grote
Twitter @UXcampEurope
Phone(DE) +491781318606

Luzi Beyer
Twitter @UXcampEurope
Phone(DE) +4917624007343