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We are one of the largest events for
User Experience Professionals in Europe

500+ active participants from all over the world meet for 
networking and lots of fun in Berlin every year.


#uxce17 was great!

Thank you all for participating!

This is how we rolled in 2017

Thanks a million to Andre Jay Meissner & the good people at AdobeXD for the impressions 🙌 And big thanks to the airteam.camera for the hot hot drone coverage! 🔥

What to expect at UX Camp Europe

People & Passion

We’re called UX Camp Europe for a reason: if you believe your passport makes you a better person this event is definitely not for you.

This week-end there is only one nation: The United States of UX. It’s true!


Active Participation

Expect to be asked for help with stuff that creeps up during the camp and can’t be covered by our volunteers.

Check the Rules of BarCamp if you’re not quite sure about the etiquette.

Quantity & Quality

500+ people is a lot but we are still a BarCamp – not a corporate conference. The whole experience is therefore what you (yes, you!) make out of it.

If you have an idea please share, don’t just talk.

Food & Friends

Catering & lunch are free of charge but also come at a cost: waiting. A lot.

A great opportunity to chat with your fellow campers from all over the world about their favourite food and tastiest UX recipies.

We’re a social bunch. We are @uxcampeurope

Say #hello on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Love & kudos to our wonderful sponsors

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