Let's make UXcamp Europe greener

Starting with UXcamp Europe 19 we try to assess and mitigate the ecological footprint of our conference. And while we have taken some steps in the right direction, we know that there is much more to do. After two years of virtual UXcamp Europe, we are expanding our efforts in the following ways with UXcamp Europe:

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As you can see, we are trying to create a sustainable conference. And although these efforts are never really finished, we believe that these measures will move us in the right direction.


Is this really necessary?
We believe it is, yes. Without wanting to rehash the whole debate on climate change, we believe that we can do our small part to save the planet for the future.

What can I do?
We are glad you asked! By far the biggest factor at any event is travel. If it is possible for you, please come to Berlin by train. If you have to fly to Berlin, please consider offsetting your CO2 emissions. While you are in Berlin, use public transport, which is not only more sustainable but also cheaper.

Is that all you will do?
No, it is not. We are always looking for new ideas, so please write to us if you think we are missing something.

We love our wonderful sponsors