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UXcamp Europe is organised by a team of volunteers. We are doing this in our free time, for fun and for the community.

Keep in mind that UXcamp Europe is still a BarCamp at heart and not a commercial conference, so on the day all the participants are responsible for turning it into yet another fantastic event.

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Aelee Ko Product Designer


Henning Grote UX Lead


Holger Eggert Strategic Experience Designer


Katrin Eggert Event & Communications


Maninder Singh UI Designer


Stefanie Bluhm Project Manager

Special thanks go out to our alumni

Clive K. Lavery, Debbie Blume, Dhyana Scarano, Julian Ott, Ludwig Gatzke, Luzi Beyer, Marie Combes, Martin Gude, Marvin Hassan, Silke Gutjahr, Silvan Golega, Stefan Freimark, Thomas Küber, Thomas Otto, Tom Allison, Volker Gersabeck

We love our wonderful sponsors