Thanks to our sponsors, tickets are free! But their number is limited. Due to insurance and safety reasons, a ticket is necessary to attend UXcamp Europe.

The space – although large – can only hold so many people.

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Frequent Questions and Answers

What if I wasn’t able to get a ticket? Can I attend UXcamp Europe anyway?
No, sorry.

I tried getting a ticket, but I got an error message or the line was locked, what can I do?
This is Tito's way of telling you that others were quicker. We know the error message is confusing, but we cannot change it. Your best option is to reload the page and try again.
You know you're done and were successful once you received your ticket by email.

I have a ticket, but I can’t attend, what should I do?
There are always lots of people on the waiting list for UXcamp Europe – please make one of them happy and cancel your ticket so it can be made available to other participants. To cancel your ticket, click on "Change Details" in your ticket email from Tito.
Please note that we cannot transfer tickets to someone else, we will honor the waiting list instead.

Do I have to bring a copy of my ticket?
Yes, please! A printout of your ticket helps speed things up at the registration desk considerably. Even better, Tito includes a QR code, a PDF, and an Apple Wallet ticket in your confirmation email – showing us your electronic ticket is faster than paper.

Please take a few minutes to

Get your Ticket

Tickets will be available on Thursday, February 22nd, at 5pm Berlin time (CET). Set an alarm so you don't miss it, in the past tickets were literally gone in minutes.

On that day, tickets will be available here on Tito:

You need an official ticket to get in. We will not have special volunteer tickets. Your ticket is NOT transferable and is for personal use only. (See above for details.)


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