Update: All tickets are sold out and the waiting list is closed.

First things first: You need a ticket to attend UXcamp Europe! Thanks to our sponsors all tickets are free, but their number is limited. The space, although large digital, can only hold so many people.

Please note that just being a fan of our Facebook page or a member of the Slack community does not grant you access to UXcamp. You need an official ticket to get in. The ticket is for personal use only and not transferable.

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Please take a few minutes to


What if I wasn’t able to get a ticket? Can I attend UXcamp Europe anyway?
No. Unfortunately, this is the one thing we have to be very strict about.

I have a ticket but cannot attend, what should I do?
Please use the button "Change Details" in your ticket email to cancel your ticket. This way, we can make it available to other participants. This is considered good BarCamp etiquette.

Can I give my ticket to a friend, a colleague, my dog?
No, we don't allow reassignments of tickets. If you can't come, please cancel your ticket. Again, this is just good barcamp etiquette.

Do I have to bring a copy of my ticket?
Yes. A printout of your ticket helps speed things up at the registration desk. Or show us your electronic ticket, this way we can keep a few trees alive.
You will get an email with the details on how to access the digital event. We will send this email to the address on your ticket.


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We love our wonderful sponsors