Thanks to our sponsors, tickets are free! But: their number is limited. Due to insurance and safety reasons, a ticket is necessary to attend UXcamp Europe.

The space — although large — can only hold so many people.

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Important note regarding the ticket registration process

Before the ticket rush starts, please take a few minutes to

  1. Read through carefully or remind yourself of the Rules of BarCamp.
  2. Take a few minutes and think about how you will contribute to an awesome and successful Uxcamp Europe 2016. — Sooner or later we will ask you.
Thank you very much!

Please note

To avoid confusion please note that just being a member of our open Facebook group does not grant you access to the UXcamp. The Facebook group is just another communication channel and you are more than welcome to join.

You need an official Eventbrite ticket to get in. The ticket is not transferable and is for personal use only!


You should subscribe if you want to keep up to date – in recent years tickets have been snapped up literally within minutes. Please subscribe to our mailing list.


What if I wasn’t able to get a ticket…? Can I attend UXcamp Europe anyway?
No, sorry!

I have a ticket, but I can’t attend, what should I do?
There are always lots of people on the waiting list for UXcamp Europe – please make one of them happy and go to Eventbrite to cancel your ticket so it can be made available to other participants.
This is is just good barcamp etiquette and please be aware that we will be closely monitoring our “no-show” rate for this year. Thanks!

Do I have to bring a copy of my ticket?
Yes, please! A printout of your ticket helps speed things up at the registration desk considerably.
Even better, as far as the trees are concerned, Eventbrite provides apps for iOS and Android – so showing us your electronic ticket is even better than paper.

Love & kudos to our wonderful sponsors

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